Sayings by Seth

Sayings by Seth

My son has an analytical mind and a big heart for Jesus.  He often comes up with analogies about God and sin.  He amazes me with his depth of thought and level of knowledge.

 With his permission, I am sharing some of these analogies here.

 10/18/16 We're like a circuit board.  We're on one end, and God is on the other side.  Jesus connects Him to us to make a full circuit.

6/26/16  When God made the world, it is like a room with no Legos in it.  When sin entered the world, it's like a room full of Legos.  When Jesus dies on the cross, it is like someone picking all of the Legos up.

6/5/16  Sin is like living in a dark cave.  God is like filling your whole life with light.  (Side note from Mom:  He came up with this one BEFORE we did Cave Quest during VBS.)

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