Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Man, I miss coffee.  I never thought I would be a coffee drinker.  I used to not be able to stand the stuff.  And then I had children.  Maybe from lack of sleep or just being a little bit older or I'm not sure what, but a good cup of coffee became part of my morning routine.  When I say good cup of coffee, that includes a very liberal dose of flavored creamer.  Caramel macchiato, sweet Italian cream, preprint mocha, pumpkin spice.  I love the creamers more than the coffee, for sure.  

I just love the hot coffee with the cold creamer in the morning.  It gets everything kickstarted, warms me up, and soothes my throat.  Even if I don't have breakfast, I still had that cup of coffee.  And I especially love my coffee during my quiet time with the LORD.  Those two things go especially well together in my mind.

But over the course of the last year, I have had to back off coffee -- at least for now.  It may be something that triggers spikes in my blood pressure.  At first I cut back to only once cup a day.  Then I switched to decaf.  I was still seeing some numbers I didn't like in my blood pressure so I gave up the decaf too early this summer.  I don't know if I will be able to go back to drinking coffee at some point in the future or not.  I would like to try at it some point because I just really miss it.

I have tried to find some suitable replacements for the morning coffee.  Nothing quite feels the same.  I have tried hot chocolate, hot apple cider, tea, and even bone broth.  Some of those things I like better than others.  And I am getting used to hot tea without even any honey in it, but I really don't love it.  

I guess if I can't have a morning coffee, I can at least write about it and wish!

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