Tuesday, November 25, 2014

40 things I love about this man

40. He doesn't like to see me upset and tries to make me feel better.
39. He adjusts his schedule to work from home when the kids are sick or I have a professional development day.  (And occasionally, he will do this just so I can go scrapbook!)
38. He wants to run away with me-preferably somewhere tropical with fruity drinks.
37.  He buys me ice cream on dates.  Sometimes he buys me ice cream for no reason at all.
36.  Whenever we are near each other, he reaches for my hand when someone starts to pray.  It is a small but significant way to show we are united in Christ.
35.  He kills spiders and other creepy-crawly things that find their way into the house.
34.  He is awesome at woodworking, and he makes me cool things.
33.  He checks the air in my tires and fixes them to keep me safe.
32.  He is really good at fixing all kinds of things.
31.  He changes light bulbs.  (That may not be a big deal to some, but it is to someone of my height!)
30.  He starts and ends EVERY SINGLE DAY by reading his Bible.
29.  He helps the kids get ready every morning.
28.  He tells me I am beautiful, smart, and more.  (Things I definitely don't feel on my own.)
27.  He prays for me.
26.  He cooks a steak better than most restaurants.
25.  Inside jokes.
24.  He spoils me rotten on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other occasions for gift giving.
23.  We have history together--great times, tough times, and many other times in between. 
22.  He inspires me to be a better person.
21.  He works hard.  Really hard.  Super hard.  In everything he does.
20.  His relationship with God is a priority in his life.
19.  We make a great team.
18.  We balance each other out.
17.  He wrestles the kids, which they LOVE!  I believe this is special gift that God bestows upon Daddies. 
16.  He understands the importance of having a little time to myself.  Whether it be hanging out with friends or letting me scrapbook or just needing to be myself for a bit, he never makes me feel guilty about that.
15.  He fell in love with me when I was still broken from my first marriage.  He loved me enough to work through a lot of that pain and sorrow with me.  Even when he got blamed for things that were clearly not his fault, he stuck by me and helped me deal with it.
14.  He says what he thinks.  Although sometimes I don't want to hear what he thinks (particularly when his opinion might be completely opposite of mine), I never have to guess where he stands.
13.  He can talk about God to others in ways that I could never dream of.
12.  He gives the best hugs.
11.  He is fiercely loyal to his family and friends.
10.  He makes me laugh.
9.  He stands up for me when he sees me being treated unfairly.
8.  He supports me in big and small ways.
7.  He reads my blog whenever I ask him to, even though reading is not his thing.
6.  He is a financial wizard. A few years ago our church offered the Financial Peace classes.  Several people asked me if we were going to do it.  I was able to tell them, "I don't really see the point of doing the class.  I'm already married to Dave Ramsey."
5. He sees the good in me, when I can't see it in myself.
4.  He is a terrific father.
3.  He is generous with his time.
2.  He loves me.  All of me.
1.  He loves God.


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