Thursday, October 6, 2016



What do you collect?  I used to collect all kinds of things as a kid.  I collected rocks and postcards and stamps and stickers and coins.  Not that I was a professional level collector by any means, but I definitely had stuff.  I even collected business cards.  What kid does that?  Why I thought I needed business cards from every place in the greater Kansas City area, I'm not sure.  But I had a pretty good stack of them at one point.

For a while I collected ceramic bunnies as an adult.  They are cute, and I had several with sentimental value.  Then my shelf where I keep them got full, and I decided I didn't need anymore.

So what do I collect now?  You could probably make a case for me collecting yarn.  I have a whole closet full of it.  I collect ideas for projects... on Pinterest and etsy and Ravelry and Facebook.  I collect ideas for people and what I want to make for them in an ongoing spreadsheet.  

But does this matter?  What I need to collect are things with eternal value.  Jesus said, " Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.  Where you treasure is, your heart will be also."

How do you store up the eternal?  What helps you focus on that and not on the worldly, materialistic things all around us?  One way that I focus on the eternal things is to surround myself with Scripture.  Maybe that's what I collect now.  I have Scripture in almost every room of my house as little reminders.  I have friends who send me encouraging verses to get me through the day and remind me where my focus should be.  I listen to Spirit FM so I can get the Word through song and through their two-minute devotional blurbs that they share.  

It really helps me to have those little reminders around me.  Not every day is great, and no days are perfect, but when I see God's Word in front of me, it changes my perspective just a tiny bit.

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