Sunday, October 9, 2016



I'm throwing it WAY back for a fun and sweet memory today.

I came home from work and one day and find this note on my mirror:  You are my best good friend.

The next day I found another note:  I love you.

And another note:  I can always talk to you.

This continued on for a whole week.  Each day I would find a new note in a new place with a new message.  Each one was sweet and made me feel really good about myself and this man with whom I was enamored.

At the end of the week, we had a date.  I was all dressed up.  I guess I dressed up enough to make him suspicious.  His first words when he got home were, "Why are you all dressed up?"  I just wanted to look nice for our night.

That night we went to Alexandro's for dinner.  Pretty fancy place, but that's when we were young and single without all the responsibilities that we have now.

When we sat down, Todd asked me if I noticed anything different about our table.  I replied that I noticed our table had a rose on it, and none of the rest of them did.  I asked him if he had done that, and he stated that he had.   I smiled, and said thanks.

A bit stunned and probably perplexed, he asked me if I noticed anything else.  After looking for what muse have seemed like a very long time to Todd, I noticed the ring all shiny and sparkly on the rose.  (Observation is not one of my superpowers!)  Once I finally caught on to what was going on, Todd got on a knee and proposed.  I don't remember all the wonderful words he said that night, but I do remember that he used each and every one of the sentences from the scattered Post-It notes throughout the week.  How perfectly perfect for him to plant those seeds all week and then tie it all into his proposal.

I love you, Todd Tellman!

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