Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Psalm 139:5 - The 31 Day Challenge

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I drove home late from work with a lot on my mind.  I don't ever mind the drive back and forth to work, except when it is night time.  I get a little antsy, even though it is a familiar path.  I did hit someone's beloved black lab once on that route, and I don't ever want to repeat that experience.  I cried the rest of the way home that night!

Anyway, this particular night found my heart full of worry, and my head giving in to a hundred different fears.  I turned the radio off, and I began to pray.

"Father God, would you please calm my heart and my mind so I can get safely home?  I ask for your love and protection to surround this van.  I pray that you would guard me from any careless and inattentive drivers -- including myself -- and that you would prevent any animals from needing to cross the road in my path."

A moment later this verse popped into my head.  You hem me in--behind and before.  You have laid your hand upon me.  That's right:  it is from Psalm 139.  I had just memorized verse 5 two days before.   Another example of how much I need the words in this Psalm.  I smiled, laughed, and almost cried at how God keeps putting these words in front of me in so many different ways from so many different sources.

You hem me in--behind and before.  You have laid your hand upon me.  This is a perfect verse for driving.  I envisioned God in front of me, behind me, and on every side with his hand gently on my back guiding me all the way home.  I imagined angel wings coming out the side of the van, and I felt like I was carried home by a whole heavenly host.

We have a God who promises to provide all our needs.  This particular night, I needed a little help getting home.  I love His creativity in answering my prayer.  Not only did He answer my prayer by providing safe travel, but He did it in a unique and personal way for me.  He loves me that much!


  1. What a perfect verse to come to mind for a stressful drive! I will have to keep it in mind for myself.

  2. It's amazing the encouragement we can discover in the silence. I too will often turn off the radio and just listen.

  3. Thank you both for reading. I appreciate your comments!